René-Joseph Lavie
 René-Joseph Lavie

René-Joseph Lavie

Membre associé au laboratoire MoDyCo
Université Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense et CNRS

Contact :
15, place d'Aligre
F-75012 Paris

+33 (0)9 8065 6722
+33 (0)6 0818 6973


Main research activity:
A processive model of language operation that seeks to hold together the explanation of the acts, of acquisition, and of diachronical change.

The favoured directions are :
(1) attention placed on the speaking activity, the linguistic acts (counter to a 'language');
(2) the processes first, and in conjunction (counter to the assumption of a static knowledge, that would be definable and, once elucidated, contribute to explaining the linguistic processes;
(3) the context as an inherent factor (counter to a work share between a 'linguistics' and a 'pragmatics';
(4) concrete exemplars (counter to abstractions, rules, a lexicon, properties, descriptivism);
(5) abductive solving (counter to a generative approach or operations like merge or move);
(6) enunciation and polyphony (counter to referentialism);
(7) an adpated nominalism: as far as verbs, adjectives and nouns are concerned, meaning effects always depend on the linguistic form itself.


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